Endoscopic Approaches To The Spine EBOOK
Endoscopic Approaches To The Spine EBOOK

Endoscopic Approaches To The Spine EBOOK

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Editor: Dr. Salim Şentürk, Associate Editors: Dr. İdris Avcı, Prof. Dr. Ali Fahir Özer

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Technical innovations are supposed to make a person’s life more comfortable. It is a continuous process. There are special factors a surgeon has to take notice of when a patient is confronted with a surgical treatment. Firstly, standardization of the treatment. Then avoidance of unnecessary anatomical damage. With special tools this avoidance of unnecessary damage is possible. A fascinating experience for me as a child was when I took my wrist watch for repair and the watchmaker examined my watch with a loupe for its possible error like diagnosing a patient. A watch containing hundreds of millimetric pieces which had to be magnified with a special tool to fix it, like a surgeon uses special surgical tools for treating a patient.

Endoscopic approaches have been used for a century now, but in neurosurgery it became popular after Yaşargil introduced the surgical microscope. Today’s microendoscopic procedures rely on Yaşargil’s nuances. All in all, the aim of endoscopic spine surgery is based on seeing a magnification of the surgical field with the endoscope, and treating the patient. Tissue damage is minimal compared to classic microsurgery and it is certain that in the future newer surgical tools will be developed to provide much better outcomes.

In my faculty years, gastroenterologists could only observe the pathology, take images and biopsies with endoscopic tools. Today, the editor of this book was able to remove a patient’s intradural tumor with the endoscope which is a quite challenging procedure. The authors of this book and the ones who contributed to it are those who practiced their art with love and provided an excellent end product with their work. I hereby congratulate Dr. Salim Şentürk for his contribution to Turkish medicine and wish him all the best for his bright future.

Ali Fahir Özer



1. History of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

İsmail İştemen

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Serdar Çevik

3. Set-up of the Operating Theater in Endoscopic Spine Surgery and

Surgical Instruments

Timur Yıldırım

4. Anesthesia in Endoscopic Spine Surgery

İsmail İştemen, Barış Arslan

5. Rehabilitation After Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Zeynep Turan

6. Endoscopic Anatomy of The Cervical Spine

Emrah Egemen, Fatih Yakar, Tuncer Süzer

7. Endoscopic Cervical Posterior Foraminotomy and Discectomy

Hyen Sung Kim, Nitin Adsul, Il-Tae Jang, Seong-Hoon Oh, İdris Avcı

8. Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Laminoforaminotomy

Ali Dalgıç

9. Complications of Endoscopic Cervical Surgery

Tunç Öktenoğlu, Koray Ur

10. Endoscopic Anatomy of The Thoracic Spine

Erkan Kaptanoğlu, Yahya Güvenç, Tunç Laçin, Toğrul Cavadov, Onur Erdoğan

11. Thoracoscopic Discectomy

Ülkün Ünlü Ünsal, Ali Fahir Özer

12. Endoscopic Approaches to The Thoracic Spine

Percutaneous Endoscopic Thoracic Discectomy (PETD)

İsmail Bozkurt, Onur Yaman

13. Endoscopic Transpedicular Thoracic Discectomy

Mesut Emre Yaman, Tolga Tolunay

14. Complications Associated with Endoscopic Thoracic Spinal Surgery

Mehdi Sasani, Gülşah Öztürk

15. Endoscopic Anatomy of The Lumbar Spine

Göktuğ Akyoldaş

16. Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy

Hikmet Uluğ

17. Posterolateral Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Ali Haluk Düzkalır, Salim Şentürk

18. Interlaminar Endoscopic Discectomy

Altay Sencer, Ali Güven Yörükoğlu

19. Endoscopic Approaches to Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Ülkün Ünlü Ünsal

20. Endoscopic Approaches to Various Spinal Pathologies

Salim Şentürk

21. Complications of Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Kemal Paksoy, Ahmet Gürhan Gürçay


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